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Korean emoticons or Korean smileysKorean emoticons can make chatting and texting with your Korean friends a lot more fun and genuine. Also called Korean smileys, they are similar to other East Asian emoticons, with the exception that Korean emoticons use Hangul letters like ㅂ, ㅇ, and ㅅ.

Below you can find Korean emoticons list with translations. The cute picture emoticons all come from free Korean app MyPeople, and text emoticons come from other apps as well as Kimchi Man’s experience. He was also kind enough to translate and give explanations for them.

All emoticons in this post belong to Daum, and you can use them for free if you download their chatting app.

Korean picture emoticons

Love emoticons

Emoticon Hangul Translation
Korean emoticon 33 사랑해 I love you 사랑해 I love you (Korean)
Korean emoticon 알라뷰 I love you 알라뷰 I love you (English)
Korean emoticon 오빠야 oppa 오빠야~ Oppaaa
Korean emoticon 보고파 I miss you 보고파 I miss you
Korean emoticon 뽀뽀 해줘 Kiss me 뽀뽀 해줘~ Kiss meee
Korean emoticon 난 너의 노예  I'm your slave 난 너의 노예 I’m your
Korean emoticon 넌 나의 노예 You're my slave 넌 나의 노예 You’re my

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